NAACP Tri County Branch


Welcome to the NAACP’s Tri-County Branch of Alabama, servicing Colbert, Lauderdale, & Franklin Counties. Our mission is to promote the cooperation amongst the citizens of Northwest Alabama, to increase the involvement of each citizen to achieve political, educational, social, and economic equality, and to work toward the elimination of racial hatred and discrimination amongst all people.

Message from the President

The NAACP is here to speak on behalf of those who need their voices amplified. We are here to advocate for those who seek justice. We stand for right. We will not settle complacently for what is when our vision and our faith have shown us what can be. We encourage each of you to stand with us, and to be part of the solution. There are those who make petty and evil attempts to divide and conquer us. We pray that you will “do better, and be better”. There are those who are both selfish and self-serving. We pray that you will evolve. With God on our side, no weapons can harm us. United we stand. And when we choose to fight for right, we will win.

Tori Bailey, President
NAACP Tri-County Branch


  • President – Ms. Tori Bailey (Colbert County), Chair Workshop
  • 1st Vice President – Commander Jessie Qualls (Lauderdale County), Chair Veterans Affairs
  • 2nd Vice President – Mrs. Sheryl Hamilton (Franklin County), Historian
  • 3rd Vice President – Pastor Wesley Thompson (Colbert County), Chair Religious Affairs
  • Secretary – Tonyia Carter, Chair Communications
  • Assistant Secretary – Mrs. Ann Underwood, Finance Committee
  • Treasurer – Bettie Robinson, Chair Finance Committee
  • Assistant Treasurer – Ms. Audrey Mitchell, Chair Youth/Education/ACT-SO
  • Parliamentarian – Mr. Ollie Underwood, Parliamentarian


Executive Committee

  • Wesley Thompson (3rd VP), Chair Religious Affairs
  • Audrey Mitchell (Assistant Treasurer), Chair Youth/Education/ACT-SO
  • Ulysses “Foot” Burt, Chair Housing
  • John Williams, Chair Legal Redress
  • Joseph Mitchum, Chair Political Action
  • Kaytrina Cole Coffey, Workshop Committee
  • Steve Stanley, Chair Economic Affairs
  • Nellie Vinson, Co-Chair Health
  • Robert Potts, Legal Redress Advisor
  • Komarvo Denton, Vice Chair Redress
  • Stephen Gill, Co-Chair Membership
  • Roslyn Taylor, Chair WIN
  • Katerina Cole Coffey, Chair Health