Women in NAACP (WIN)

The Tri-County Branch has an active WIN Committee which fosters positive familial relationships with its presentation of annual events designed to enhance parent/child interactions. The Branch WIN Committee regularly communicates with and supports the efforts of the State WIN and has been tasked with fundraising for the furtherance of the branch’s initiatives. The Tri-County WIN Committee has welcomed both male and female members. State/State-Area Conferences, Branches, Prison Branches of the Association may organize Women in NAACP (WIN) committees subject to the control of the Executive Committee and to such rules and regulations as the Board of Directors may enact. WIN committees shall consist of a Chairperson and/or Co-Chairperson and at least three (3) other members. WIN shall address within the framework of the NAACP, civil rights issues affecting women and children and shall carry out other civil and cultural activities to enhance membership and provide financial support to the Branch.

The purpose of WIN is:

  1. To enhance the leadership role of women
  2. To serve as an advocacy vehicle to address the social, economic, political, educational, health and welfare issues affecting women
  3. To advocate for the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development of children
  4. To support the policies as well as the on-going mission and vision of the NAACP