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Legal Redress

The legal redress committee is comprised of members of the NAACP Tri County Branch with support from local attorneys and citizens who are knowledgeable in many areas. Our purpose is to address discrimination in any form in an attempt to create reconciliation.

Although you may have contacted The NAACP Tri County Branch via email or by phone, your complaint is not considered to have been formally submitted until you fill out the required Legal Redress Form and filed it with the Tri County Branch.

Please attach with a copy of this complaint form a memo stating your concerns, including names, dates, contact information, and a description of the alleged wrong action. Submit this form and the attached description by bringing it to a meeting of the Tri-County Branch, or by mailing it to NAACP Tri County, Post Office Box 2110, Muscle Shoals, AL 35662. You may also give it to any officer of your local Branch, or to any member of the Legal Redress Committee. Please note that while we consider your complaint seriously, the submission of your complaint form does not automatically guarantee action on the part of the Tri County Branch.

If you desire,you may also submit your form to the NAACP National Legal Department. Your NAACP National Legal Department appreciates your complaint, however, due to the volume of complaints received by that office, the Legal Department may not be able to personally respond to each complaint it receives. Be advised that your complaint does not create an attorney-client relationship with the NAACP National Legal Department. Please also note that submission of a complaint does not mean that the NAACP National Legal Department has accepted your case. Depending upon the type of complaint, it may be necessary for you to consult an attorney regarding your case as soon as possible because there may be certain filing deadlines that must be adhered to in order to file a case in court.

You may also wish to visit the NAACP resource page, which contains contact information for various Federal and State agencies, civil rights advocacy groups that may be able to assist you. The NAACP Tri County Branch may provide contact information, and/or assistance for concerned citizens with common, complaints, issues or questions, but we do not provide legal advice. For legal advice, you should consult an attorney. Please also remember that NAACP members are volunteers and may not always be available to schedule time to assist you at your convenience. If your matter is time sensitive, do not wait for the NAACP.

Your local Legal Redress Committee is here to help. Under the Submit A Complaint section, fill out the On-site Form, or download the PDF Form instead and email it to

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