Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological & Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO), Education, & Youth

The Tri-County Branch has chosen to combine these committees in order to better support the pursuit of higher education, and to mentor those in future generations. The branch feels that it is vital to engage with the youth to further the goals of our movement. We will do this by building a coalition between veterans in the fight for civil rights with experience gained by age and achievement, paired with the younger generations with the energy and enthusiasm to determine the most effective course to achieve progress for our people. The Branch partners with other community organizations which have a focus on youth activities, including fraternities and sororities, with civic groups with shared interests, and with institutions of higher learning.

The Committee on Education shall:

  1. Seek to eliminate segregation and other discriminatory practices in public education
  2. Study local educational conditions affecting minority groups
  3. Investigate the public school system and school zoning
  4. Familiarize itself with textbook material there in which is racially derogatory content
  5. Seek to stimulate school attendance
  6. Keep informed of school conditions and strive to correct abuses where found
  7. Investigate the effects of standardized and high stakes testing practice
  8. Monitor teacher certification
  9. Promote parental involvement in education
  10. Aim to be a center of popular education on the race question and on the work of the Association

While the Tri-County Branch supports other organizations that present scholarships, the branch itself does not. We do, however, share information about funding, tutoring, and other support which is available to students. The branch primarily promotes diversity in the hiring of school administrators, and hopes to see faculties that are truly reflective of the students whose futures and actions they help to shape and direct.

The Committee on Youth Work for State/State-Area Conferences:

  1. Shall consist of all Youth Unit Advisors and Youth Unit Presidents in the state, and five (5) persons appointed by the State/State-Area Conference President
  2. Shall consist of the Youth Unit Advisor(s), and Youth Unit President(s) in the same community, and five (5) persons appointed by the Branch President
  3. The Youth Unit Advisors and the Youth Unit Presidents shall choose the chair of the Committee.
  4. The Youth Work Committee shall develop and coordinate the programs of the Branch(es) and Youth Units.
  5. The Branch Committee on Youth Work shall turn the names, addresses and membership dues of youth solicited by the Branch over to the appropriate National Office recognized youth group, if any, in their community.
  6. The Youth Work Committee shall monitor the youth membership in the Branch. If there is no local youth unit recognized by the National Office, the Committee shall recommend the Branch apply to the National Office for a Youth Charter and organize the appropriate youth group.

The ACT-SO portion of the Committee shall follow these rules:

  1. Must be properly registered annually with the National Office and follow all directives outlined by the National ACT-SO Program
  2. Understand that it is a major project of the NAACP because with ACT-SO, the NAACP is providing an instrument through which African-American youth are encouraged and inspired toward excellence in academic and cultural pursuits while benefiting from the maximum support of their communities
  3. Uphold its goal of ACT-SO that affords the same respect for African-American Scholastic and cultural achievement that is given to athletes, entertainers, and other heroes
  4. Recognize that ACT-SO conducts annual academic competitions for students in grades nine (9) through twelve (12) in NAACP Branches throughout the country in accordance with the published guidelines of the National Office and oversight of the National Director of ACT-SO Program