Armed Services and Veteran’s Affairs

Commander Qualls often volunteers his time to work personally with veterans and their families to assist them to gain benefits to which they are entitled. He does this by distributing booklets to local businesses and by presenting information to the branch during workshops. He has also helped to honor the memories and contributions of those who have served our country.

This Committee shall:

  1. Seek to establish a working relationship with those agencies in government, national, state and local, which are responsible for assisting with the affairs of members of the various Armed Services and Veterans to ensure that programs to which they are entitled are administered fairly and justly to all, including members of the minority community,
  2. Study conditions pertaining to veterans and members of the Military Service and their dependents and/or survivors
  3. Serve as a center of information on matters affecting the members of the Active Military, Reserves, State National Guard and Veterans
  4. Maintain a repository of materials, information and forms to be used in assisting veterans and/or dependents of veterans and military personnel with their problems
  5. Receive and act on all complaints relative to acts of discrimination on account of race, color, creed, or denial of benefits to which they are entitled because of discrimination
  6. Prepare a quarterly report on committee activities to be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Unit and the National Director of Armed Services and Veterans Affairs