Political Action (Voter Education, Immigration)

The Tri-County Branch strongly advocates for an involved citizenry and makes available voter registration forms at each of its meetings. The branch also seeks to identify and groom future empathetic leaders in an effort to increase the number of minorities in elected positions to better reflect the populations and to pursue true representation in executive, legislative, and judicial offices. The branch may take stances on issues, particularly those which affect minorities. Political guru Jerome Gray has educated Tri County members on voter rights, voter advocacy, and successful efforts to increase voter participation.

In addition, the Political Action Committee shall:

  1. Seek to increase registration and voting
  2. Work for the enactment of municipal, state and federal legislation designed to improve the educational, political and economic status of minority groups
  3. Seek the repeal of racially discriminatory legislation
  4. Work to improve the administration of justice
  5. Work to secure equal enforcement of the law
  6. Keep the National Office and the Unit informed of all proposed legislation which affects minority groups
  7. Shall be nonpartisan and shall not endorse candidates for public office

With regard to the Immigration committee’s activities, the Tri-County Branch has conducted outreach to, and has successfully expanded its membership to include, members of the Hispanic Community. The Branch is committed to ensuring the rights of all minorities. To that end, the branch has advocated for the addition of law enforcement, educators, and health care providers who are both bi-lingual and who will apply fair and equitable practices to all, whether citizen, visitor, or recent addition to our communities, particularly in those areas with high immigrant populations which are included in the Tri-County geography.