Religious Affairs

The Tri-County Branch thanks churches in the northwest Alabama area, particularly in the three counties, who have encouraged their members to join NAACP and who have otherwise supported this branch in its endeavors. Area churches have been both welcoming and supportive of the branch. Tri-County branch members recognize that church leaders wield a significant amount of influence over the behaviors of area citizens, and can be a powerful avenue of messaging to educate members on those issues which directly affect them. The Religious Affairs Committee shall include ministerial and lay religious leaders who are members of the Unit and shall:

  1. Promote an educational program designed to give moral and ethical interpretation to the civil rights struggle
  2. Interpret the work of the Association to organized religious groups of all faiths
  3. Enlist the support of such organized religious groups for membership, fundraising, and the struggle for equality and full civil rights
  4. Provide resource assistance for religious education and social action activities, associated with the improvement of race relations